Comprehensive English Kit

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English Learning Kit 

The Kit consists of a 20 interactive sheets and flashcards for the little learner age 2-5yrs .The game is completely made in India and does not contain any harmful or hazardous substance.
English Kit consists of a whole package through which you can teach your little ones about Preschool to Early learning topics in English. 

  1. Calendar Marking
  2. Month of the Year
  3. Days of the week
  4. Sorting Colors
  5. Fruits and Vegetables
  6. Seasons of the year
  7. Modes of Transport
  8. Our Body Parts
  9. Animal Shadow Matching
  10. Continents and Ocean
  11. Animal Habitats
  12. National Symbol of India
  13. Hot and Cold Temperature Concept
  14. Trace the Alphabets
  15. Trace the Numbers
  16. Flash Cards shape matching

Why It is Required ?

The learning process about different kinds of topics from basic English to General Knowledge will become easier when you buy this set. The game contains a number of activity-based sheets like calendar marking , colours, fruits and vegetable etc. So, gift your child the best gift which keeps him busy and ensure learning too.

The child can use the sheets again and again as the sheets are rewritable, non tearable and laminated.

 How To Use ?

The kit comes with activity sheets and all these sheets have to be solved by the child and move forward . 


  1. Improves concentration.
  2. Train Visual Memory.
  3. Increase attention to detail .
  4. Build on problem solving abilities.
  5. Enhance Hand Eye Coordination.
  6. Makes Learning Fun and Easy .


2.5 Years - 6 Years 



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