10 Chinese Mantis Nymphs. L-2 to L3 Eating well. Bonus Melanogaster Fruit Flies

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You will receive:

(10) Chinese Mantis Nymphs.  Size will vary 1/2 to 3/4 inch.

Bonus: Small container of Melanogaster fruit flies.


The Fruit Flies will not last long as you will need to establish a good source of food for them.  We do have these Fruit flies available on this website.  As your nymphs grow, they will move on to the other fly we carry which is the Hydei Fruit Fly.

Chinese Mantis are strong eaters and they make good pets, or you can use them as a natural pest control for your green houses or gardens.  

The Chinese mantis are one of the main mantis species used in classroom projects and educational programs.

Buying these mantis young will give you a good opportunity to study their growth rate and view how they morph from one stage to another.

You could raiser them for resale.  At the 1/2 growth stage, about 2 inches you could resale them for $16 or more depending on market availability. 

The mantis nymphs you are buying will need tender care for the next month.

Each mantis nymph will need its own container.

Feed them no more than 10 or 15 flies at a time.  Too many flies at one feeding will stress them out and they will drop on you.

Your room temperature should be around 78 F.

They need moisture so lightly mist the side of their container every few days.

Make sure they have good ventilation and they don't get too damp.

Do not put them in direct sunlight or near heat source.

We pack these cute guys so that they arrive to you safe and healthy.

We guarantee live arrival.  If there are problems will the delivery system please let us know right away.


This item will be shipped Fedex 2 day Express.