100 Live Superworms *Organically Raised * Live Delivery Guaranteed* Large 2 inch

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100 Large up to 2 inches very active superworms 

*** Superworms can take the heat, however if your daytime temperatures are 90 degrees and above, please choose the Upgraded shipping option.

  • We take great pride in providing the best of foods for our Superworms (Organic)   
  • They are fed fresh veggies, apples and bran.  Their bedding is cleaned weekly.
  • All of our Superworms are raised in a heated sterilized environment giving you some of the best and healthiest super worms on the market. 
If you are looking for active fishing bait or food for your pets Superworms may be just the worm for you.
Superworms are much more active than mealworms, which makes them more desirable in some cases, specifically, if your pet enjoys hunting or is a picky eater.
Many insectivorous creatures are attracted to movement, which makes Superworms a desirable choice.
Chickens and turkeys go crazy over them.
Superworms also last longer than mealworms in the pupae stage; superworms stay as pupae for upwards of three months while mealworms only last a few weeks.
However, Superworms do not last in a refrigerated environment, unlike mealworms, as cold temperatures don’t send them into hibernation. 
Do not store super worms in your fridge.  They do best at around 74 degrees F.
We do include an over count of up to 10% to make up for any dead worms.