3-Zone Wine and Beer Cooler Combo for Red and White Wines

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The Perfect Refrigerator for Wine and Beer Bottles

With a 3-zone wine and beer bottle refrigerator combo ( a set of 2 units), you will have plenty of room for all your guests' favorite wines, beers, and cold drinks. There is no more waiting for your drinks to chill, because this wine fridge and beverage refrigerator combo holds up to 300 cans and 106 standard-sized wine bottles. Each of the three zones will keep your beverages at the specific temperatures they are meant to be. Built to KingsBottle's regal standards, it is the perfect solution for you. Treat all your bottles like royalty and order your wine and beer bottle refrigerator from KingsBottle today.

Key Features

  • Our wine and beer bottle refrigerator uses Embraco compressors for efficient, vibration-free operation.
  • The glass doors are made with gas-charged and tempered safety glass with a double UV-resistant coating.
  • Stainless steel door frames and handles are attractive and easy to maintain.
  • Our precision controllers and state-of-the-art fans ensure even, accurate cooling throughout all cabinet zones.
  • Units come with KingsBottle's two-year warranty.
  • Doors feature a security lock.

KBU100combo-bw3 Temperature range

  • Volume : 21.76 CF ( 616 Litre )
  • Storage capacity : 484 Cans + 106 Wine Bottles
  • Unit Size : 47.2"W x 27.0"D x 55.7"H (1200Wx 685D x 1415H mm)
  • Shipping Weight: 450 Lbs (204 kgs)
  • Net Weight: 396.8 Lbs (180 kgs)
  • Energy Consumption : 2.46Kw*h/24h
  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • Rated Power Input: 200 Watts
  • Door Lock: Security Lock
  • Door Type: Glass Door
  • Lighting Type: Energy friendly LED (Blue)
  • Circulating Fans: Low noise 12 volt
  • Temperature Control: Digital Thermostatic Control
  • Cooling System: Compressor
  • Noise Level in Decibels: <41dB
  • At Min/Max Room Temperatures : 32-100°F (0 - 38°C)
  • Adjustable Temperature Range :
    • Zone-A 34-46°F;
    • Zone-B 41-60°F;
    • Zone-C 45-64°F
  • Shelf Configuration: 5 Chromed Steel Shelves + 12 wooden shelves
  • Installation: Built In / Free Standing