55 Young Darkling (mealworm) Beetles - New Colony Starters - Fun and Educational

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You will receive:

(55) Darkling (mealworm) beetles (Tenebrio molitor)


We take great pride in providing the best of foods for our Darkling Beetles.

They are fed fresh veggies, apples and bran. 

Their bedding is cleaned weekly.

All of our Darkling Beetles are raised in a heated sterilized environment giving you some of the best and healthiest super worms on the market. 

You are purchasing young active mealworm beetles for breeding or classroom projects.

These beetles just turned dark.  They are not old breeders.

We keep an accurate date on their morph from worms to beetles.

We do guarantee LIVE DELIVERY

We use insulated packaging for all of our live insects.  As well, they are given moisture and food to carry them over during the delivery process. 


Please Note:  

If your daytime temps are below 40 degrees, please contact us right away after you order to insure your live order arrives safely by adding a heat pack.  

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