Airman Handheld Airgun Compressor (deluxe)

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Effortlessly inflate car tires, bike tires, pool toys, balls, inflatable boats, air mattresses with this air compressor gun. The ergonomic shape of this smart tire and bike pump includes an LED light and pressure gauge, preset auto-stop function and adaptors, all running on included rechargeable battery or 12V cable adaptor.

• The portable air compressor is lightweight and includes a travel case
• Compact size to keep in trunk, boat or sports bag
• Built-in digital tire gauge prevents over-inflation
• Flexible 5” long pressure hose makes it easy to manipulate
• Inflates an average bike tire to 58 psi in one minute
• Includes ergonomic high-pressure air compressor, pressure hose with thread connector, adaptors for balls and inflatable toys, rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack, AC battery charger, and 12V cable adaptor