Allen Barkholic Designer Waterproof Winter RainCoat TrenchCoat Dog Jacket

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Allen Barkholic Designer Waterproof Winter RainCoat TrenchCoat Dog Jacket



The Allen rain jacket is the ultimutt gadget for Winter craziness. The waterproof material keeps our fluffies free of wet and muddy fur from splashes. The adjustable straps around the belly make sure they can have an extra cup of puppuccino while you enjoy the hot chocolate during the Winter walks. Pop up your trench coat and make it a snow day cozy dual day for the walk!



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Brand: Barkholic 


- Lightweight gabardine raincoat
- Front straps available for adjustments
- Back-pockets attached for a snack-hiding spot
- Flexible strap on the hood to adjust for comfort
- Discrete leash hole at the back
- 100% Nylon, organic cotton inner layer for sensitive skin

Care Instruction:
- Machine wash cold
- Tumble Dry Low
- Do not bleach
- Lay flat to dry




X-Small: Teacup Breeds. Recommended for dogs weighing 2-4lbs.

Body Length 8"-10" // Neck Circumference 6"-7.5" // Chest Circumference 9"-11"



Small: Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians. Recommended for dogs weighing 5-9lbs.

Body Length 11"-13" // Neck Circumference 7.5"-9" // Chest Circumference 11"-14"



Medium: Bischons, Jack Russels, Shih Tzus, Italian Greyhounds. Recommended for dogs weighing 10-16 lbs.

Body Length 15.5"-17" // Neck Circumference 11"-12.5" // Chest Circumference 15"-18"



Large: Corgies, Beagles, French Bulldogs. Recommended for dogs weighing 18-30lbs.

Body Length 17"-20" // Neck Circumference 13"-15" // Chest Circumference 19"-22"



X-Large: Cocker Spaniels, Brittany Spaniels. Recommended for dogs weighing 30-45 lbs.

Body Length 20"-22"// Neck Circumference 15"-18" // Chest Circumference 20"-25"




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