Atomic Zoom

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You don’t want to get killed taking that picture. You want to take killer pictures. That’s why you need Atomic Zoom™, the snap on HD lens that turns any smartphone into an expensive telephoto camera in seconds. You’ll get more likes on your social media posts when your followers see your photos go from average to amazing! Atomic Zoom™ fits on all smartphones and tablets. Using the zoom feature on your smartphone diminishes the quality of your photo. The Atomic Zoom™ is an optical zoom with professional grade aluminum and glass. You can take pictures up to 10x farther without any loss of quality! The result is better looking pictures. Use it for video, too. It looks like you took it from the front row. Atomic Zoom™ fits in the palm of your hand and snaps onto any smartphone or tablet instantly. It’s so easy to use. No complicated setup is needed. Just clip, zoom, and snap.

  • Turns your smartphone into a telephoto camera
  • No installation or setup
  • Fits in the palm of your hand
  • 10x zoom with ultimate clarity
  • Use to take stills or video
  • Aluminum case and glass lens
  • Its all smartphones and tablets
  • Includes Atomic Zoom™ lens and universal phone clip