Backward Brella

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Ordinary umbrellas are great for keeping you dry. But umbrellas leave behind a wet mess. Backward Brella is a rapid-drying umbrella. Its super powerful compression spring closes so fast that it shoots all the water off – just with a click of a button. Thanks to Backward Brella’s backwards design, there are no more wet messes. Unlike ordinary umbrellas, Backward Brella folds so water is expelled away from the handle, and doesn’t drip over it. A heavy duty compression spring expands and contracts faster than any other umbrella. Backward Brella has an ultra-thin design that fits in small spaces. It only needs inches to open or close. Say goodbye to wet messes with Backward Brella.

  • Rapid drying backwards design
  • Heavy duty compression spring expands & contracts fast
  • Water ejects off umbrella’s surface
  • Ultra-thin design fits in small spaces
  • Only needs inches to open and close
  • Power button opens and closes umbrella
  • Backward design means no wet messes
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Available in black, blue, and red
  • Includes 1 Backward Brell

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