Car Scratch Remover

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Wondering how to fix car scratches yourself? We’ve got an easy solution! Car Scratch Remover easily repairs paint scratches and water spots on your car’s finish. Now you can remove and erase years of wear and tear. Car Scratch Remover restores the gloss and shine of paint, bringing back its original brilliance. The special compound also works as a water spot remover, and removes oxidation and other contaminants. Safely use Car Scratch Remover on your clear coat, single stage, or multi-stage paint and see the difference. Application is simple. You can apply Car Scratch Remover by hand using a buffing cloth or by using an orbital buffer. Car Scratch Remover works wonders on small, shallow scratches, but may not be as effective on deep scratches.

  • Car scratch repair compound
  • Water spot remover
  • Erases years of wear
  • Restores gloss and shine
  • Can remove oxidation and other contaminants
  • Use on clear coat, single stage, or multi stage pain
  • Easily apply by hand or orbital buffer
  • Designed for shallow scratches
  • Includes one bottle of Car Scratch Remover