Car Vacuum

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If you do a lot of driving or have kids and pets, it can be nearly impossible to keep your car clean. Our Car Vacuum makes it fast and easy to make a clean car interior part of your car maintenance routine. It features an ergonomic design with extended reach that gets underneath seats, in cupholders, and other nooks and crannies! Unlike other car vacuums, ours works as a wet and dry vacuum with powerful suction that sucks up everything from juice spills to snack crumbs to dirt and sand! Clean car seats with ease, vacuum up after pets, and even clean out your car’s ashtray! Our Car Vacuum even features a washable HEPA filter to make vacuum maintenance easy and convenient.

  • Car vacuum
  • Ergonomic design
  • Extended reach for every nook & cranny
  • Powerful 106w motor for extra-strong suction
  • Washable HEPA filter
  • Transparent trash container for collecting and disposing debris
  • 16-ft power cable makes cleaning even big cars a breeze
  • Clean car seats, cupholders, and more
  • Must-have tool for at-home car maintenance
  • Includes 1 Car Vacuum