Cat Tunnel Mat

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Flat or folded, this super-cozy kitty lounge has a remarkable bonus: its plush, electrostatic fleece grabs shedding hair like a magnet, keeping carpets, furniture, and sweaters fur-free. It lays flat like a mat or zips into a snuggly play tube, with a built-in self-heating thermal layer that’s great for kittens and senior felines.

• Keep upholstered furniture, carpets, and dark pants free of fur
• Lay it flat like a bed or zip up to create a fleecy hideaway tube
• Special self-heating thermal layer inside keeps kitties warm & comfy
• Especially nice for kittens, ailing cats, and senior felines
• Made from machine-washable polyester
• Measures 35" L x 22" W x 3" H