Coconut Butter Magnesium Milk Bath

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Bathe like the royalty you are!

Coconut Butter Magnesium Milk bath combines rich coconut milk and magnesium chloride a mineral known to help ease muscle tension and promote restful sleep. 

Added cocoa butter shavings takes this bath to the next level.  Add a bit of this opulent to your bath to relax & luxuriate royally.


Add 3 spoonfuls or more to running bath water.

Use caution when getting in and out of the tub as this product may cause surfaces to become slippery.

8.5 ounce jar or 17 oz refill bag


Coconut Butter Milk Bath: Coconut milk powder, baking soda, epsom salt, dead sea salt, colloidal oatmeal, magnesium chloride, kaolin clay, arrowroot powder, cocoa butter, fragrance.