Deluxe Air Dragon Portable Air Compressor

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What’s New In The Deluxe Upgrade
The upgraded Deluxe Air Dragon™ is now cordless! Freely move around your car from tire to tire without tripping over cables. Thanks to the rechargeable battery, you’re not bound to powering Air Dragon™ through your car. Ideal for blowing up pool floats, air mattresses, sports balls, and anything else you don’t want to be confined to inflating near your vehicle. An added deluxe carry case is heavy duty to hold the Deluxe Air Dragon™ and all its accessories! Makes storing in your garage, car, or basement super easy!

About The Original Air Dragon
When your tire pressure is low, you need an immediate fix. Gas station air compressors are bulky and expensive. Air Dragon™ is a portable air compressor that gives you instant air when you need it. There’s no batteries and no recharging. And it’s so easy to use! Simply plug it into your car, set your desired air pressure, and pull the trigger. Air Dragon™ automatically stops at the perfect pressure. This hand-held air compressor has a built-in digital tire pressure gauge. It takes the guesswork from reading your tire pressure! Plus, you can toggle between 3 different units of measurement. Choose from PSI, BAR, and KPA readings. Air Dragon™ has endless uses. It’s great for filling bicycles, air mattresses, sports balls, and pool toys.

*Works on cars, SUVs, and pickup trucks. Not designed for larger commercial vehicles.

  • Deluxe includes Air Dragon™, protective case and rechargeable battery
  • Digital programmable pressure gauge and auto-stop function prevent under- or overinflation
  • Flexible air tube easily bends around spokes and fits into tight hubcap spaces