Deluxe Atomic Beam Lantern

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Don’t be stuck holding your flashlight in a lightless situation! Thought our standard Atomic Beam Lantern was bright? We created an upgrade that is even brighter. The Atomic Beam Lantern Deluxe is even brighter than the standard lantern. When an ordinary light won’t do, you need an Atomic Beam Lantern Deluxe! Atomic Beam Lantern shines 360-degrees of bright light wherever and whenever you need it. This lantern uses flat LED panels. Use Atomic Beam Lantern for working on your car, boating, camping, blackouts, and emergencies. Don’t fumble with switches and buttons. Turning Atomic Beam Lantern on and off is easy. Just pull up to turn on and push down to turn off. Atomic Beam Lantern blows other outdoor lanterns away. It’s the ultimate light for camping and hiking!

  • Atomic tough lantern
  • 3 hanging methods
  • Super bright LED panel lights
  • Easy on, easy off feature
  • Built-in hanging hook
  • Great for automotive work, boating, camping, blackouts, and emergencies
  • Upgraded lantern is even brighter
  • Uses 4D batteries (not included)
  • Includes 1 Atomic Beam Lantern Deluxe