Deluxe BattleVisor by Atomic Beam

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When you need to protect your eyes from the morning sun, you can’t always rely on your regular sun visor. It obstructs the road and prevents you from seeing. This can have dangerous consequences. Now there’s a better way. BattleVisor™ by Atomic Beam® protects your eyes from harsh glare and bright light from the sun and lets you see in high definition with the utmost clarity. You have enough to worry about while driving, so why worry about the sun? BattleVisor™ lets you see the whole road clearly. The sun visor is very easy to install – simply slip it over your existing car sun visor. There’s no tools required and no complicated installation. As an added bonus, you’ll also receive the Sun Spot Blocker™, which slides over BattleVisor™ for extra protection from the sun’s direct glare. Get the ultimate eye protection in your car with BattleVisor™.

Nighttime headlight glare is blinding. You can’t see the road, especially when an oncoming vehicle’s lights are super-bright. Introducing BattleVisor™ Night Vision by Atomic Beam®, the sun visor that cuts harsh glare from headlights for clear, high definition nighttime vision. The visor slips over your existing sun visor easily. When you need extra protection for your eyes, simply pull it down like you would a regular sun visor. The special yellow-tinted visor cuts blinding glare so you can see the road safely. It’s perfect for early morning commutes, just before the sun rises, or for your evening drive home. Use BattleVision™ Night Vision in busy city settings where there’s multiple light sources that can hurt eyes.

  • Transparent design lets you see entire roadway
  • Gives you eye protection from harsh glare and bright light
  • See with clarity and in high definition
  • Super-easy to install – slips over existing car visor
  • Fits most types of vehicles
  • Bonus Sunspot Blocker also included
  • Cuts harsh glare from headlights
  • Perfect for city driving
  • Built atomic tough
  • Includes 2 BattleVisors, 2 bonus Sunspot Blockers, & 2 Night Vision visors

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