Deluxe Cop Cam by Atomic Beam 2-Pack

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Always keep a watchful eye about you. In an uncertain world, sometimes video is the only proof to determine a crime or harassment was committed. Cop Cam ™ by Atomic Beam ® is the compact, wireless security camera that measures less than 1-square inch. Hide the mini camera to record anytime anywhere. Cop Cam ™ has a motion sensor that only records when motion is detected. Plus, a powerful microphone also records audio. Thanks to loop-recording the motion sensor camera catches everything 24/7. Load onto your computer to see what that sneaky nanny has been up to or who’s letting their dog do its business on your property. Attach the swivel clip to turn Cop Cam ™ into a powerful dash cam, hidden body camera, or action cam! And unlike other hidden security cameras that shoot 70° of space, Cop Cam ™ shoots 2x the area for optimal surveillance. Cop Cam ™ is equipped with 6 infrared LEDs records day or night! Add an extra set of eyes with Cop Cam ™!

With the upgraded Deluxe Cop Cam, you'll have 4x more space to record! Each deluxe upgrade includes a 32GB memory card so you'll have tons of space to store your security footage, dash cam footage, or action sports videos!

  • Compact, wireless security camera
  • Motion sensor only records when motion is detected
  • DELUXE - 4x more storage the original Cop Cam!
  • Easy to hide – measures less than 1-square inch
  • Loop records so you never miss a thing
  • Powerful microphone records audio
  • 6 infrared LEDs record at night
  • View recorded videos on your computer
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • One-button operation
  • Records 2x greater area of space
  • Perfect to use as a dash cam, body cam, and action cam
  • Includes (2) Deluxe Cop Cam ™, (2) swivel clip, (2) 32GB memory card, and (2) USB cable

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** Please review the state and local laws of your jurisdiction regarding the use of video recording devices.


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