Deluxe Flea Doctor

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Fleas are painful for your cat or dog. When fleas bite, they can cause a flea allergy dermatitis, which causes itching, making your furry friend scratch and bite. If you’re looking for an easy way of how to treat fleas, we have a simple solution. Flea Doctor ™ is an electric flea comb that kills and stuns fleas without harming your pet. The secret is that Flea Doctor ™ releases a slight electric charge as your brush the comb through your pet’s fur. It finds the fleas, kills them, and removes dead fleas from your pet’s coat. It’s so much easier than chemical baths and topical treatments. Plus,  you see the results instantly, so there’s no wondering if the flea treatment is working or not. With Flea Doctor ™, getting rid of fleas is as easy as brushing your pet and easily incorporates into your pet care routine!

Deluxe Upgrade

Do you have a major flea problem on your hands? Upgrade to the Deluxe Flea Doctor™. Made with premium gold teeth that conduct electricity better, you’ll notice that the Deluxe Flea Doctor™ is 2x more efficient at ridding your pet of fleas. Plus, the gold teeth never tarnish, so your Deluxe Flea Doctor™ looks new years to come!

*Kills fleas without pesticides, 80% stunned or killed on contact.

  • Electronically-charged flea comb
  • Upgraded gold teeth conduct electricity better
  • 2x more efficient than the standard model
  • Won’t tarnish so you Flea Doctor™ looks new years to com
  • Kills fleas without using pesticides or chemicals
  • Great for cats and dogs
  • Gentle charge kills fleas without harming your pet
  • Simply comb through your pet’s fur
  • Finds, kills, and removes fleas from fur
  • Great for pets of all ages with all coat lengths
  • Can be used on carpets and furniture
  • See the results instantly
  • Requires 2 AA batteries (sold separately)
  • Includes one (1) Deluxe Flea Doctor™ comb