Deluxe PediVac Electric Foot File

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Embarrassed by unsightly calluses on your feet? Easily and painlessly remove them with PediVac electric foot file. PediVac’s nano-abrasion head spins at over 2,000 RPMs to quickly and gently erase calluses and dry skin. Start with the emery board pads to remove nasty calluses and dead dry skin, and finish with the buffing pads to smooth and polish skin for baby-soft feet. With its built-in vacuum PediVac makes it easy to give yourself a home pedicure without the mess. Use the replacement filters to prevent vacuum clogging and build-up to keep PediVac’s motor clean and running. Get the soft, sexy skin you deserve with PediVac!

  • Electric callus remover removes calluses in seconds
  • Nano-abrasion head spins at over 2,000 RPMs
  • 2 speed settings
  • Rechargeable battery for foot care on-the-go
  • Built-in vacuum sucks up powder shavings and dust
  • Replacement filters keep vacuum clean
  • Prevent clogged motor and build-up of skin shavings and dust
  • Emery board pads remove calluses and dry skin
  • Buffing pads finish by smoothing and polishing skin
  • Reveals soft, sexy skin
  • Includes 1 PediVac + 10 replacement filters + 10 refill pads

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