Deluxe Pocket Hose Silver Bullet 2-Pack

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That old rubber garden hose you've been using? It's a pain in the grass. Give it a tug so you can move with it and you wind up destroying delicate plants. Luckily, there's an easier way to water your lawn. The Pocket Hose ® Silver Bullet ™ is the hassle-free hose that grows. At first glance, it looks like a small, compact garden hose. But turn on the water and watch the pocket size hose grow to a supersize hose. After you're finished watering your lawn or hosing down the RV, simply turn off the water and Silver Bullet ™ shrinks back down to a Pocket Hose ® again. When you're watering your lawn, you should feel like you're training in a Cross-fit facility when you're flipping and whipping your hose to clear kinks. That's why Pocket Hose ® Silver Bullet ™ is kink-proof. Plus, it has a bullet case outer shell that prevents snags, wear, and tears, keeping the interior hose safe. Pocket Hose ® Silver Bullet ™ has strong machined-aluminum connectors contain NO lead. Channel your inner child and steal a sip of water from the hose as you water! Silver Bullet ™ is the lightest hose you'll ever own!

Each Deluxe Pocket Hose ® Silver Bullet ™ includes the amazing Mighty Blaster nozzle. Mighty Blaster is the first household sprayer with the power and precision of a real fireman’s nozzle. Effortlessly water your delicate plants with a fine mist, then turn the nozzle to blast away caked dirt on your car with a powerful stream. Might Blaster has an ergonomic grip that doesn’t require any squeezing and has 50% more power than a standard hose nozzle and uses 40% less water!

  • The hands-free hose that grows
  • Deluxe exclusive Mighty Blaster fireman's nozzle
  • Bullet shell outer casing won't snag, tear, or wear
  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Grows from pocket size to supersize
  • Shrinks back to pocket size when water is turned off
  • Perfect for the garden, RV, boat, and more
  • Kink-proof design
  • Machined-aluminum connectors contain NO LEAD
  • Includes 2 Pocket Hose ® Silver Bullet ™ hoses + 1 Might Blaster fireman's nozzle