Deluxe Star Shower Window Wonderland

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Star Shower® Window Wonderland™ Deluxe is the revolutionary projector that transforms average windows into spectacular video displays! Holiday decorating will be fast and easy. Place the projector near any window. Then add the adjustable 4-feet by 6-feet easy fit screen. Select the built-in movie you want to play and start the show. Celebrate the horror of Halloween or the joy of Christmas in stunning fashion. Window Wonderland™ Deluxe features an adjustable stand so you can get a perfect picture. And the one-touch switch allows you start movies with the press of a button. There’s no complicated set-up or installation! Window Wonderland™ Deluxe uses the latest projection technology to create bright and colorful movies. When you upgrade to the exclusive Star Shower® Window Wonderland™ Deluxe, you’ll receive 6 additional movies. Get 3 more Halloween movies (living dead horde, apparition in a haunted house, and spooky creature under a bed) and 3 more Christmas movies (toy soldiers, Santa reviewing his list, and carolers). 

An audio output jack gives you the power to play sound with your movies. Hook up any external speaker and listen to the eerie music and joyous sound effects that accompany each movie. Window Wonderland™ Deluxe is not Bluetooth capable, but a Bluetooth audio transmitter can be purchased to accommodate Bluetooth speakers. Bring your home to life with Star Shower® Window Wonderland™.

  • Deluxe exclusive: 9 Halloween movies
  • Deluxe exclusive: 9 Christmas movies
  • Deluxe exclusive: built-in audio output jack (speakers not included)
  • Transforms windows into moving holiday displays
  • Styled like old Hollywood Camera
  • No setup, no installation
  • Adjustable stand
  • 4’ x 6’ easy fit screen
  • Transforms windows into moving holiday displays
  • Includes 1 Winter Wonderland™ Deluxe (with easy fit screen, 9 Halloween movies, 9 Christmas movies, and built-in audio output jack)