DermaSuction Replacement Sponge Filters

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Ever wonder where all that yuck you suck from your pores goes when you use DermaSuction®? It collects on a washable sponge filter to prevent the yuck from going inside the facial vacuum motor. And like any vacuum filter, DermaSuction’s sponge filters need to be replaced with use. Use DermaSuction® Replacement Sponge Filters and you can wash them, air dry them, or toss them in the trash after each use. Keep your DermaSuction® running efficiently and take advantage of our amazing offer. Keep your pores happy with DermaSuction® and order your replacement sponge filters today!

  • Replaces original DermaSuction® Filter
  • Yuck collects on sponge filter for easy clean-up
  • Can be washed & air dried
  • Sponge filters are disposable
  • Includes 12 DermaSuction® Replacement Sponge Filters
  • Includes 24 DermaSuction® Replacement Sponge Filters