Giant Asian Mantis Nymph -- They get Big! Fun Pets and School Projects

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You will receive: 

(1) Giant Asian Mantis Nymph .  L-3 to L4 stage.

Please be prepared when your mantis arrives with Hydei Fruit Flies.  We will send your mantis with a few flies to eat along the way but no doubt, it will be hungry when it arrives.

The Giant Asian Mantis - Hierodula membranacea is a fierce kind of praying mantis. 

  • This species will actively hunt its prey once it spots it.  

  • They are not the general sit-and-wait kind of predators. They are true hunters.  

  • A large prey insect does not scare a Giant Asian Mantis, it will attack anything half its own body size or smaller.  

  • It won’t attack you and it can be handled easily by young and old.  

  • The Giant Asian Mantis will not stress if its enclosure is close to people or pets.   

  • They have a strong constitution. 

  • The first photo is the actual size of the nymph that you will receive. 

  • The second and third photo are for display purposes only. Those photos are what the adults look like.


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