Hercules Hose

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Say goodbye to heavy hoses that tangle, kink, and tear. Hercules™ Hose is your new kink-proof, tear-proof, and leak-proof hose. It can withstand extreme environmental and weather conditions. Intense heat or accidently running it over with a lawnmower is no match! Hercules™ Hose has an interlocking armor design and steel casing that keeps water in and everything else out. While regular hoses are impossible to wrangle and store, Hercules™ Hose stores easily on its hose reel. The lightweight, portable design rolls up neatly every time and moving Hercules™ Hose from place to place is easy. Hercules™ Hose is perfect for everyday jobs like using as a water hose for your garden or washing your car, to tough tasks like cleaning out your gutters. Sun and heat rot plastic hoses until they blow. Hercules™ Hose withstands extreme conditions and is guaranteed for life not to kink, tear, or leak, or your money back!

  • Interlocking armor design and steel casing
  • Industrial strength anti-leak connectors
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Perfect for everyday jobs
  • Rolls easy on its hose reel
  • Choose from 25 ft., 50 ft., 75 ft., and 100 ft.
  • Kink-proof, tear-proof, and leak-proof
  • One Hercules Hose™ (includes the Hercules Hose™ reel)

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