Hurricane Spin Scrubber Replacement Heads

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Spin away soap scum, hard water stains, calcium deposits, and every day grime with the Hurricane Spin Scrubber™ Replacement Brush Heads. This three-piece set is designed specifically for the Hurricane Spin Scrubber™ (sold separately). Whether you wore down your original brush set, or need a second or third set for specific rooms, the replacement brush head pack is a must have. Keep a set of these scrub brushes for a clean bathroom. Use another set for scrubbing your kitchen. A third set can be used for cleaning your patio or garage. Each replacement set includes one multipurpose dome cleaning brush, one corner brush, and one extra-wide flat brush. Power clean your home with Hurricane Spin Scrubber™ (sold separately) and always have a clean spin brush to tackle your mess.

  • Replacement brush heads for Hurricane Spin Scrubber™
  • Includes three brushes: multipurpose dome cleaning brush, corner brush, and extra-wide flat brush
  • Specifically designed to fit Hurricane Spin Scrubber™
  • Keep multiple sets for different rooms
  • Hurricane Spin Scrubber™ sold separately
  • Includes one (1) three-piece set of replacement brush heads

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