LIVE ANTS *36* Active Red Harvester Ants For Ant Farms + Free Ant Food

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You will receive:

36 Active Red Harvester Ants with small package of Ant Food. 

Perfect for Ant Farms and Ant Habitats.


*** If your daytime temperatures are 80 degrees and above, please choose the option to upgrade your shipping with included ice pack.


Your ants will come with instructions and we always throw in a few extra ants.

  • Ants are one of the most fascinating creatures on the planet. 
  • Red Harvester Ants are some of the most hardy and active ants out there.  
  • They have very structured, elaborate social systems, with rituals and hierarchies, roles, and assignments. 
  • This is why having an ant farm can be very entertaining and educational - as the ant farm's popularity as a school project proves.
  • There are hundreds of different harvester ant species found worldwide.
  • These ants use their large mandibles to grind seeds into a "bread" which is placed in storage areas called "granaries" found in their nest for year round food.
  • Harvester Ant workers can be found collecting seeds as far as 30 km from their nest, they use their scent trails to navigate back to the nest.
  • Harvester Ants are known to aid seed dispersal via myrmecochory.
  • The harvester ants you order are worker ants, which will spend the majority of their time creating, cleaning and maintaining the tunnels in the farm. 
  • When an ant dies, the other ants will carry it to an area of the farm designated for waste. 
  • Once a bit of waste is placed in the designated area, all the ants will use that spot like a trash pile. 
  • Ants are very efficient at keeping their habitats clean. 
  • It is up to you to remove ant carcasses and other waste from your ant farm to avoid mold and bacteria from forming, which could kill all of your ants quickly if left unchecked.
  • If you watch ants for any length of time you will see that they really do communicate with each other and very effectively too. 
  • Ants communicate by touching each other with their antennae. Ants also use chemicals called pheromones to leave scent trails for other ants to follow.
  • High temperatures can shorten the life of your ants. Ants will live longer in a cool room at temperatures of 60 to 70 degrees. 
  • Do not keep the ants in a place where they are hit by direct sunlight as this will cause the temperature inside the ant habitat to rise.
  • Ant Farms are literally a microcosm of society.
  • Ant farms have fascinated kids and adults for over 60 years and have become one of the most fun and educational toys for young children.

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Parents please supervise your children as ants can sting and bite.

Your ants will be shipped well packaged with energy food and moisture.   



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