Live Tiger Centipede (S. polymorpha) Interesting Colorful Pet -Educational

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You will receive:

(1) One Tiger Centipede 

These guys are really "Big" up to 5 inches.

Plus:  4 oz. coconut coir fiber and oak leaves.


*** If your daytime temperatures are 90 degrees and above, please choose the option to upgrade your shipping with included ice pack.



Centipedes are notorious for escaping and are able to squeeze through small gaps.

They cannot climb smooth surfaces such as glass and plastic, but they can climb silicon in the corners of aquariums and can reach up walls to 90% of their body length. 

Coco-peat is an ideal substrate and needs to be deep enough (at least several inches) to hold moisture and allow the centipede to burrow. 

You can also add items like flat pieces of bark on the surface for your centipede to shelter under. 

Create a moisture gradient within your substrate; a moist end and a dry end.

This is important as it allows the centipede to find a suitable micro-habitat within your enclosure.

Room temperature is fine.


Centipedes will eat crickets, roaches, mealworms, king worms, etc.

Feed once or twice a week.


Centipedes are a interesting insect but they are not recommended for children. Centipedes can bite.


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