Magic Ear by Atomic Beam 2-Pack

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If you want to hear from across the room, you need a special device that gives you super hearing. Atomic Beam Magic Ear is a personal sound booster that gives you super hearing instantly. It uses new technology that enhances vocals while canceling out background noise. Tune out distracting chatter at the movies and hear every word spoken in the movie. You’ll even be able to discover sounds that human ear can’t pick up. Easily turn your noisy environment into a noise-free environment. If words are unclear, you need Atomic Beam Magic Ear!

  • Personal sound booster
  • Enhances vocals with new technology
  • Cancels background noise
  • Picks up sounds human ear wouldn’t normally hear
  • Great to enhance sound while watching TV or at the movies
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries, not included
  • Includes 2 Atomic Beam Magic Ear personal sound booster

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