Night Hero Binoculars by Atomic Beam

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Wish you can harness the power of night vision goggles into an everyday ocular device? Night Hero ™ Binoculars do just that! See when and where you need to with the latest night vision binoculars. Night Hero ™ uses a special atomic beam laser that reveals objects up to 150-yards away – in complete darkness. Use Night Hero ™ binoculars during the day for enhanced clarity and contrast, and 10x magnification. They’re perfect to use at sporting events, sightseeing, and bird watching. Other night vision binoculars are uncomfortable to use. Night Hero ™, however, has soft, rubber eye cups that provide you with a comfortable fit. With its full range of focal adjustments, you’ll never miss a thing. Night Hero ™ binoculars are water-resistant, making them a must-have gadget to take along camping, boating, and fishing! See clearly in pitch black darkness with Night Hero ™ Binoculars.

  • Night vision binoculars
  • Toggle for daytime use and night vision
  • Atomic beam laser reveals objects up to 150-yards
  • Enhanced clarity and contrast
  • 10x magnification
  • Perfect for sporting events, sightseeing, birdwatching, and camping
  • Water-resistant
  • Rubber eyecups for comfort
  • Full range of focal adjustments
  • Includes one pair of Night Hero ™ Binoculars

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