Paint2It Anti-Gravity Paint Tray

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Turn your home decorating experience upside down with this innovative Paint2It anti-gravity no-spill paint tray. Fabric liner holds paint like a magnet while you comfortably hold the tray in one hand and paint with the other.

  • Works with brushes or rollers: Pour paint into the tray, spread around, then tap brush or move roller back and forth to load
  • Made from polypropylene and nylon
  • Includes base with adjustment strap, 1 liner disc, and squeegee
  • Liner disc refills available separately
  • To clean: Use included squeegee to extract excess paint from the tray, then rinse thoroughly with water
  • Holds up to 12 ounces of paint. (Anti-gravity won’t apply if overfilled.) Measures 13” diameter x 1.5”H. Squeegee measures 4” x 1.75”