Pink Citrus Jasmine Fermented Rice Water

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Fermented Rice Water deposits inositols onto hair to help protect it from damage, allowing it to grow. The fermentation process helps to balance the ph of hair, increasing shine and vitality. My PINK CITRUS JASMINE FERMENTED RICE WATER is a hair rinse infused with fermented jasmine rice water, rose and other botanicals to not only protect hair, but nourish the scalp as well. All with a pleasant, light citrus jasmine scent.

8.5 oz bottle 


Wash hair, apply Pink Citrus Jasmine to entire head (it is recommended that you use a spray bottle to distribute evenly with less waste). Massage into hair and allow to remain on hair and scalp for up to 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly and style as usual. Can be used as a light conditioner or can be applied before or after other conditioners. 


spring aqua (water) infused with jasminum officinale (jasmine) oryza sativa (rice), (amla), rosa centifolia (rose) petals, serenoa serrulata (saw palmetto) fruit, arctium lappa (burdock) root, & equisetum arvense (horsetail), potassium sorbate, natural parfum (fragrance), d-pathenol (pro-vitamin b5), gluconolactone (and) sodium benzoate.