Portable Flash Drive

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You have digital photos of your family and friends scattered on your computer, email, and Facebook. They’re irreplaceable memories. That’s why you need to back them up. Anything can happen – your computer can crash or your online accounts might become compromised. Our Portable Flash Drive is specifically designed to back up your precious photographs. It’s so easy to use. Just click the start backup button after plugging Portable Flash Drive into your computer. The jump drive automatically seeks out your stored photos on your hard drive and saves them, doing the work for you! When you fill Portable Flash Drive digital photo storage and are ready to start on a new one, the portable drive remembers where you last backed up, preventing duplicate photos. Easily pull your cherished photos from your computer, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail with Portable Flash Drive.

Compatibility Requirements: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP (SP3), Mac OS 10.7 (and newer) computers. Newer computers with a USB type-C (Thunderbolt 3) port will require an adapter.

  • 8GB digital photo storage
  • Works on most computers
  • Software included on drive
  • Automatically seeks photos & saves them
  • Eliminates need to drag and drop files
  • Remembers last back up to prevent duplicate photos
  • Saves photos from computer, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail
  • Back up photos from multiple computers easily
  • Use multiple devices to back up large amounts of photos
  • Includes one (1) Portable Flash Drive