POWER+: Size, Strength, & Pump Catalyst*

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Breakthrough POWER has been a staple at AdvancedSupps.com since its launch in July 2017. It's been a complete hit for muscle strength and growth without the bloating or loading of many creatine products. It incorporates Creatine Hydrochloride to increase endurance and buffer lactic acid in the muscle.*


POWER+ is the original Breakthrough POWER Creatine Product PLUS Additional Pump + Strength + Mass catalysts! It combines the old Breakthrough POWER formula with Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid, Tribulus, LongJack, and enteric coated capsules to become the brand new Super-Charged Breakthrough POWER+ from Breakthrough Labz!

What's so great about POWER+?

  • Breakthrough POWER was awesome in the begin with, but here's the supercharged version
  • Methyl DL-Aspartic Acid = 500mg (2.5x the amount of Methyl DAA in BioRhythm's popular Methyl Createst)
  • Addition of Tribulus and LongJack = mood + test + libido boosting
  • Enteric Coated Capsule Technology = Higher Rate of Absorption!

Reasons for using Breakthrough POWER+

  1. Boosts muscle strength & growth*
  2. No bloating or loading required
  3. Increases endurance and buffer lactic acid in the muscle*
  4. Enhances mood, test, and libido pre-workout*
  5. Pushes sugar towards the muscles to use as energy*
  6. Gives you that extra push to train longer and harder at the gym*


As a dietary supplement, take four (4) capsules one (1) time per day, ideally 60 minutes prior to working out. Do not exceed more than one serving per day.