Praying Mantis Clear Plastic Ventilated Habitat -Convenient Handle Design

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You will receive:

(1) Awesome Mantis Habitat.  Height 11"   Width 4"   Length 7"

The large opening on top allows for easy feeding and cleaning.

Each Mantis Habitat is hand built in Port Angeles WA by Insect Sales com.



You will receive 10 oz of moist Coconut Fiber.  We have found coconut fiber retains moisture better than soil or peat moss; and it is clean and sterile. 

Also included:   Approximately 5" square of live "Forest Floor Moss."  This unique moss helps a lot with humility control.  

Please note:  The large plants in the photos are for show only.

Bonus Coconut fiber    Forest Moss


This unique habitat is perfect for adult mantis or for hatching mantis eggs.

You can even use the Praying Mantis Habitat for Small Amphibians, Small Reptiles, Other Types of Insects.
Looking for a durable ant farm that is easy to clean?  Than try the Praying Mantis Habitat.  It makes a perfect ant farm that will be enjoyable to watch and easy to clean and maintain.


Why Choose The Praying Mantis Habitat?

 Mantis Habitat

These are the same mantis habitats we use to grow out our mantis that we sell.

Praying Mantis Habitat

In these habitats they grow fast and remain very healthy throughout the process. 

The Mantis Habitat's clear durable construction allows you to easily observe your mantis plus the two well positioned vents will insure adequate air flow.  The vents are decorated with sterile green forest moss.

The habitat is very sturdy.  There are reinforcements at all four corners/angels so if the habitat was accidentally dropped, the plastic shouldn't break.

The habitat has a clear hollow handle design which allows for easy transport plus...get this ...the mantis can use the handle as a perch.  Just look at the mantis in our photo.  He loves it!

The Praying Mantis Habitat holds moisture well and does not fog up.

We carefully package each Praying Mantis Habitat with padding and they are shipped in sturdy shipping boxes.

Please note:  The large plants in the photos are for show only.



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