Pura Naturals Pet Button Nose Moisturizer

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Soothe and heal your dog’s dry or chapped nose with Pura Naturals Certified Organic Button Nose Butter. An essential addition to your pet’s first-aid kit, this fast-acting unscented balm contains rich food-grade moisturizers and natural ingredients that create a soothing, moisturizing barrier for your dog’s sensitive sniffer.

  • Fast-acting moisturizing balm easily rubs onto your dog’s dry nose and won’t harm your pet if licked
  • Formulated with organic beeswax and castor oil to soothe, calm, and protect skin from the elements
  • Made in the USA to USDA standards
  • Contains organic olive oil, organic beeswax, organic castor oil, organic rosemary extract
  • Apply gently to dry, chapped nose. Rub in and massage gently to soften and heal
  • Contains 1.4 ounces