Rare Floyd's Scrub Millipede (Floridobolus floydi) -Educational Fun Pet!

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(1) Live Healthy Floyd's Xeric Scrub Millipede 

Note:  This is a rare newly discovered millipede.

Size will be vary (juvenile)

The body color ranges from slate gray to olive, with some species more uniform while others having lighter yellowish bands on the rear margin of body rings. 

The body is oval in cross section whereas most other related millipedes are circular in cross section.

Do not place in direct sunlight.

Interesting facts:

Millipedes can live for a long time, up to ten years.  They get along together and are active and entertaining.

One of the great conveniences about keeping millipedes as pets is how easy they are to feed. 

Millipedes are omnivores, so they eat pretty much anything and everything from vegetables to fruit and dried dog food.

Millipede enthusiasts enjoy the fact that many species get quite large and can be kept together in colonies. 

Millipedes are generally safe to handle, but all species should be considered dangerous to the extent that they can emit toxic chemicals. 

Children should be supervised and hands should be washed before and after handling.

Millipedes are regularly used as "hands on" teaching aids by many educators around the world.


This Is Important

Millipedes require calcium for their exoskeletons.  This is a must if you want your millipede to have a long healthy life.  Without calcium their exoskeletons cannot develop properly.

We sell Respashy Calcium plus.  This is one of the best calcium supplements on the market.

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