Red Copper Better Pasta Pot

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Drain water from your pasta or veggies without the mess! Red Copper™ Better Pasta Pot™ allows you to cook, strain, and prep in the same pot. The tempered glass lid has two sets of strainer holes. Use smaller holes for small pasta shapes and vegetables, and the larger holes for big pasta shapes and veggies from stocks. It lets you make one pot pasta easily. The copper infused ceramic cookware has a durable non stick, scratch resistant surface, so you can boil your potatoes for mashed potatoes, strain, and then mash potatoes in the same pot! Red Copper™ Better Pasta Pot™ replaces your stock pot, pasta pot, and pasta strainer. Never spill over your colander again. Buy Red Copper™ Better Pasta Pot™.

  • Cook and strain in one pot
  • Tempered glass lid
  • Features small and large straining holes
  • Locking handles keep lid secure
  • Nonstick, scratch-resistant surface
  • Copper infused ceramic cookware
  • Cook without butter, oil, or grease
  • 5 quart capacity
  • PTFO and PTFE Free
  • 2 piece set: Includes 1 Red Copper™ Better Pasta Pot™ and 1 tempered glass lid