Soiree Dimple Stemless Wine Glasses 2-Pack

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Elevate cocktail hour with a set of Soiree Dimple Self-Chilling Wine Glasses. This elegantly designed stemless glassware magnetically pairs with a silicone coaster/chiller that cools wine, summer cocktails, and more without diluting it like melting ice. Simply freeze the gel insert, pop it into the glass bottom (magnets hold it in place), and enjoy a perfectly chilled drink to the very last drop!

• Chills drinks for up to 30 minutes without diluting the flavor.
• Insulated grip means your hand won’t freeze.
• Swap out chilling units as often as you please while drink is in the glass.
• Made from lead-free borosilicate glass, food-grade silicone, polypropylene, neodymium magnets, non-toxic freezer gel.
• Clear with black bases.
• Set includes 2 stemless wine glasses and 2 chiller inserts.
• Hand washing recommended.
• Measures 5.5”H x 3.8”D. Holds 22 ounces.