Soiree In-Bottle Wine Aerator

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Bring out the best in red and white wine with the Soiree In-Bottle Wine Aerator. Elegantly crafted from a durable borosilicate glass blend, this tool features a 5-ring gasket that easily slips into most bottles. Enhancing flavor and aroma couldn’t be easier: Simply slip the aerator into your bottle and pour. The bulb shape causes oxygen to gently mix with and infuse into wine as you fill the glass. Easy to clean under running water. Includes a weighted stand for storage and drying.

• Makes a thoughtful gift for wine aficionados.
• Wine and oxygen mix as you pour to enhance aroma and flavor.
• Easily fits onto virtually any size wine bottle.
• Made from borosilicate strengthened glass blend. Plastic stand with metal bottom.
• Includes glass aerator and weighted stand/drying rack.
• Dishwasher safe; hand washing recommended.
• Measures 2.75” x 2.75” x 4.5”.