Solar Fountain

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Outdoor water features can be so expensive. And they’re such a hassle. You have to either replace batteries or keep the water pump plugged in – until now. We have an eco-friendly solution to your water feature woes. Our Solar Fountain allows you to create a relaxing solar-powered water feature anywhere in your yard that gets full sunlight. It includes 4 different nozzles so you can create different water spray effects with the solar fountain. Solar Fountain is perfect for bird baths, small ponds, pools, backyard garden water features, and so much more! The included suction cups allow you to anchor Solar Fountain so it remains stationary, or you can let it float freely. Solar Fountain runs completely on full, direct sun. Create a relaxing water feature that’s eco-friendly with Solar Fountain!

  • Water pump controlled by solar power
  • Does not need batteries or electricity
  • Eco-friendly
  • Saves money
  • 4 different water nozzles for different spray patterns
  • Great for bird baths, small ponds, pools, and more
  • Floats on top of water
  • Includes suction cup base to anchor fountain
  • Powers in full, direct sunlight
  • Waterproof
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Measures 6.3" X 6.3" X 1.6"
  • Includes one (1) Solar Fountain