The Original Bucket Stool

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Turning your plastic 5 gallon bucket upside-down as makeshift seating is so uncomfortable and wastes storage space. How do you store anything in an upside-down bucket? Transform your bucket into a comfortable portable stool. The Original Bucket Stool™ attaches to the trim of any standard plastic bucket. It elevates you to a cozier seating level. Bucket Stool allows you to pick and store veggies, weeds, flowers, and more in your garden, while providing you with a sturdy seat. Enjoy a relaxing, seated day fishing with a place to store your catch. You have easy access to the contents inside your bucket. The Original Bucket Stool™ holds up to 300-pounds. When you’re finished sitting, Bucket Stool turns into a snug lid for your bucket. It works on all standard types of plastic buckets. And it is proudly made in the U.S.A.

  • Turns any 3.5 or 5 gallon bucket into a comfortable place to sit
  • Hold up to 300-pounds
  • Great for carrying tools and gear
  • Use fishing, camping, gardening, and more
  • Also works as a lid
  • Gives you easy access to contents in bucket
  • Fits any standard bucket
  • Includes 1 Original Bucket Stool