TV Free-Way

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Why pay for cable when you can watch your favorite broadcast TV shows for free? Unlike other alternatives to cable TV, TV Free-Way lets you watch HD TV for free, without expensive bills or monthly subscriptions. The digital antenna easily and discreetly installs to the back of your television for access to your favorite broadcast network shows at home, on the porch, in your RV, and even out at sea! With TV Free-Way, you can watch your favorite broadcast network shows, local news, weather, sports, and more without spending a fortune on cable, drowning in monthly subscriptions, or wrestling with outdated rabbit ears!

  • Digital antenna
  • Affordable alternative to cable TV
  • No pricey cable bills or monthly subscriptions
  • Crystal-clear high-definition television
  • Easy installation
  • Discreetly installs directly to your TV’s cable input
  • Access broadcast network TV shows, local news and weather, sports, and more
  • Perfect for use in extra bedrooms, on the porch, in the RV, and even 30 miles out to sea
  • Includes 1 TV Free-Way