Ultrasonic LED Cool Mist Air Humidifier

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Add moisture and aromatherapy to the air in your home with this Ultrasonic LED Cool Mist Air Humidifier & Diffuser. Color-changing LED light boosts the calming effect for maximum relief of colds and flu, allergies, and dry skin.

  • Sleek, quiet design incorporates air humidifier, purifier, and aromatherapy/essential oil diffuser LED light glows in 7 changing colors to create a calm, comforting ambiance
  • On/off mist adjustment knob; 360-degree mist spout
  • Runs continuously up to 5 hours at highest setting
  • Holds up to 46 ounces of water; produces up to 350 ml moisture per hour. Shuts off automatically when dry
  • Measures 10”H x 7” diameter