Wax Tarts in a clamshell

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My wax tarts are made with a blend of soy an paraffin wax.  I find this blend provides maximum scent throw when the tarts are being warmed.

*Fun fact I just learned, wax tarts also need time to cure.  If cured 1-2 weeks, the scent will be stronger.  These wax melts were poured on 10/11/19.  It is fine to warm them as soon as you receive them, but if you can wait a week or two, the scent throw will be at its strongest. 

3 oz clamshell holds 6 slices

Each wax order comes with a silicone cup for easy clean up.  Place the cup in/on your warmer and your tart in the cup.  Now, once your wax has re-hardened after melting, you can just pop it out of the liner and toss.

Colors will vary and are randomly selected when your order is packed.


*Open packaging, gently fold to break apart the melts. 
*Place 1-2 blocks in your warmer. 
*Enjoy your scent-filled space!
*Once the fragrance wears off, remove the cooled wax and replace with new melts.


Remove wax melts from packaging prior to using. Only suitable for use in tea-light warmers or UL listed electric warmers approved for wax melts. Read and follow all instructions provided with your wax warmer. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not leave your wax melter unattended while in use. Do not add water. Do not melt on stovetop. Do not use in non-approved appliances. Make sure that the warmer is placed away from flammable objects. Discontinue use if wax measures less than 1/2".