White Worm Producing Culture (HUGE, 25oz.) + Free pkg. "Crazy Stuff Worm Formula"

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You will receive:

25 oz. of White Worms in substrate in (2) 32 oz. containers

Free package of "Crazy Stuff Worm Formula"  


 *** If your daytime temperatures are 80 degrees and above, please choose the option to upgrade your shipping with included ice pack.


This is not a starter culture but a conditioned, producing white worm culture.  You can start using the white worms as live food immediately.

The bonus pack of "Crazy Stuff Worm Formula" is an excellent food for your white worms.  It gives them the right kind of nourishment to help them grow quickly and reproduce faster. Simply add water to the formula until it is a thick paste.  Add 2 tbsp. to the culture surface.  In a few days, it will be gone!  You can refrigerate the rest.


White Worms are:

Like earth worms but reach a maximum length of about 1-1.5” and are colored white.  

Hermaphroditic, with each individual having both male and female reproductive organs. One worm mates with another individual and each fertilize the other. The worms exchange sperm cells during copulation and eggs are laid in transparent cocoons. Each cocoon produced by young adults contains 9 to10 eggs; cocoons from mature adults produce 20 to 25 eggs.

A great conditioning food for aquarium fish in the 1"-4" range as well as choice live food for small fry, aquatic frogs. newts, shrimp and marine invertebrates.

Reasonably easy to raise if you can supply the right conditions.  The food value is fantastic - approximately 70% protein and 15% fat.


How to maintain your White Worms:

Cool temperatures (Below 70 degrees).  If the temperature rises above 80 degrees, you run the risk of losing the culture. 

Moisture is critical.  Too little moisture and the worms dry out, and too much you end up with stinking, slimy mess.  The culture medium should be moist, and you should be able to form a ball in your hand, but it should not drip if you squeeze the ball.

Helpful instructions included.


Also, each White Worm culture includes Springtails.  Springtails are beneficial because:

Springtails feed on decaying plants and vegetables, along with common plant-killing fungi.

They also help spread good fungi in agriculture and gardens.

Another food source for Springtails are decomposing animal matter.

Disease causing micro-organisms are also a favorite food of theirs.

For the above-mentioned reasons, we do want the Springtails as they are cleaners and assist the worm bin in being productive.